Localbrand Asia provides the easiest and most efficient service for your online business activities. Not only in creating beautiful online store, but our system also gives the best features to sell your products to marketplace easier – only by a single dashboard.

Personal Domain

You can use your own domain to create a more trusted brand.

Dual language

Your website will be set in two language options; Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Effortless check-out

Customer can easily do the transaction as a guest without the sign-up process.

Responsive design

A beautiful template design is available for your online store with responsive designs so that you can optimize your user interface and have high accessibility in smartphones, tablets, iPad, and other devices.

Customer support

Our customer support will always enthusiastically help you with your obstacles.

Lifetime upgrades

You will get the latest updated feature automatically.

99% uptime warranty

We give 99% uptime warranty for your online store system.

Multi currency

Set currency prices using custom exchange rates to optimize the online transaction.

Unlimited bandwidth

There won’t be any limitation on data transfer, download nor upload files to maximally facilitate your online transaction.


Handle costumer’s demand promptly and accurately from any market place with one dashboard. Monitored the actual stock and provide a simpler method to manage the stock distribution, which can reduce mistakes and stock number in particular marketplace.

Centralized Inventory Across Channel

Centralized inventory control features operation managed from a single point. From our platform, brand can easily collect all inventory from one dashboard, and the system will run through all channel at the same time, and will update the stock automatically using real time mechanism. So that you don’t have to increase or decrease the stock manually.

Upload Product Across Channel Easily

You can upload your product to several channel at the same time easily only from one dashboard. All you need to do is activate the system, and your product will be automatically uploaded in all channel you need.

Stock Record History

All stock progress will be recorded, so there will no case of missing stock through our system.

Bulk Upload

In this busy, challenging ecommerce business, you don’t have to spend your valuable time to think of products and upload on your online store. We offer quick, accurate bulk product upload services to help you save on time and money.


Centralized Sales Order Across Channel

All your orders are pulled into a single dashboard, so you can maintain your order from all channel simultaneously.

Assign Order

You can assigned the order manually.

Email notification

Email notification facility to inform you about an order, so that the team can directly process the order.

Custom Email for Customer

Send more engaging emails to customer! You can turn LocalBrand Asia notification emails to marketing opportunities with product recommendations, discounts, and more follow-up emails after every purchase.

Print Invoices

To create a systematic invoice.


Multi Payment Integration

Accept payments across any gateway, from any currency without any additional integration effort.

Tracking Bank Transfer Easily

Find the status of the transaction online with the system of Tracking Bank Transfer that will make payment with bank transfer method easier.

Escrow Payment

LocalBrand Asia provides you with a licensed and secure online escrow payment service that reduces the risk in online transaction for both buyer and seller.


Shipping Calculation

Gives you the privilege of selecting the best and most reliable shipping partner for domestic or international. Plus, its automated fee calculation will also reduce your administration load significantly.

Multi Shipping Optimization

Integrated with several logistic partner all over the city, that can process your shipments at your most convenient way to your costumer.


Discount & Promo

Grow sales with promotions and discounts. Our system provides a built-in online promotion tools that can help you win new costumers and reward repeat buyers.


Newsletter provide an easy way for you to keep in contact with your customer by notifying them of new products and sales.

Customer Management

Build your customer database, customer transaction, and increase shoppers spend with a custom loyalty program. This customer management system can keep your best customer coming back.

Social Media Integration

Make sure your online store website is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. So you can manage the marketing activation easily and monitor the performance simultaneously.

SEO Optimization

Maximize your website searching in search engine machine with SEO feature from LocalBrand Asia.

Testimonial Page

Testimony from costumer that are displayed so that other customer can read and it can increase trusts and brand development.


Google Analytic

Google analytic enables you to track the visitors to your store, and generates reports that will help you with your marketing.

Centralized Report Across Channel

Monitored sales report from several market place only from one integrated file in a single dashboard to reduce the error risk and more effective in time.

Business Report

With advanced reporting features, you can take the default reports you see in your reports page and make custom report by adding filters, dimensions, and metrics.

Inventory Report

This report is a summary of the products sales. The report provides the SKU, prices, quantity from each channel based on real-time activity.


File Management

You have the authority of managing your files and edit it based on your preference easily.

Search Function

A search function that can make costumer search the name of the product easily and effectively.



Accounting can be dull; keeping track of revenues, profits, taxes – it can get overwhelming. Thankfully, there is a lot of great options out there for accounting software, and LocalBrand Asia can integrate with a lot of them.

Chat Platform

Provide an optimal service to your customers by activating the online support feature in your online store which make you easy to communicate directly with your customer.