We understand your problem

Our story

In 2010, we created a platform where we help thousands of Indonesian fashion brands to sell their products online. Since then, we notice that many brands are still facing the same problems: creating their own website. With our expertise of working with thousands of SME Retail brands, we truly understand what you need: An e-commerce platform with a beautiful customizable themes that has a great user experience for the SEA population.

We do not only understand your problem, but we also offer an innovative solution in the SEA e-commerce industry. We believe that customers not only will visit your website but also to other sites like a marketplace. And with that, we introduce and offer you the first platform in SEA that can connect your brands to various major marketplaces in SEA.

We are passionate about what we do, which is to increase your revenue. We will keep on evolving our platform and also provide the leading professionals that will assist you on completing your needs in online selling, so you can only focus on improving your product.

Our team

Sayed Muhammad

Chief Executive Officer


VP Business Development